SENTIR edge 65 SKLi


General data

Type SENTIR edge 65 SKLi
Article number 101297
Dimension W 1.42 in x H 3.35 in
Approval DIN EN ISO 13849 Cat. III PLd
Delivery length 82.02 ft
Weight lbs/ft 0.67
Protection class IP 65
Operating temperature 14°F –> 131°F
Maximum series connection 6 contact edges
Electrial strength 24 V 100 mA

Measurement and value figures

Actuating force 13,7 lbs
Response distance 0.26 in
Overtravel to 56.2 lbs* 1.1 in
Overtravel to 89.9 lbs* 1.26 in
Overtravel to 134.9 lbs* 1.43 in


Aluminium mounting profile AL 30-10
AL 40-10
Connecting plug KS 6 L x.x m
KS 8 L x.x m
Terminating plug KS 6 W
KS 8 W
End cap EK 65

*Test speed 0.39 in/s /68°F / according to EN 1760-2

Example of use

Rolling gate
Rolling gate
Sectional door
Sectional door
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