Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice Sounders

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Fire-Cryer® Plus products comprise the broadest range of voice sounders available. From the Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus designed for discreet mounting under fire detector heads to the powerful Maxi, all Fire-Cryers® can broadcast 7 user-selectable messages chosen from a library of hundreds. Foreign language and bespoke messages are also available – listen to sample messages opposite.

The Fire-Cryer® Plus offers simple, fully synchronised and cost-effective voice evacuation. Whether retro-fitted into an existing installation or as part of a new system design, the four unique Fire-Cryer® Plus models can be fully integrated into the fire alarm system and work on a conventional two-wire bell circuit.

The four Fire-Cryer® Plus voice sounder models in the range meet every requirement from residential and light commercial to heavy industrial applications. Find out more about the Fire-Cryer® Plus through a series of video clips.