Electromagnetic Door Holders

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Arguably the single most important fire safety mechanism, electromagnetic door holders guard against the lethal spread of toxic smoke and fumes – by far the greatest cause of death in fires.

The Vimpex range of door holders offers the installer the broadest choice of mounting styles, holding power and installation accessories.

Mounted onto a fixed surface, these door holders ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate. Interfaced with the fire alarm system, the door holders are de-energised as soon as the fire is detected thus releasing the door without the
potentially harmful delay suffered by other types of devices.

General Features

  • Choice of holding power, 200-1000N
  • Various styles and mounting methods available including heavy duty, wall mounted and universal units
  • Wired or wireless acoustically triggered units
  • Standard units feature strong back box
  • Heavy duty, high power versions stocked
  • Integrated release button as standard – Remote release buttons available
  • Approved to EN 1155 and CE Marked