The Delta Gate

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Heras has been manufacturing sliding gates for decades, during which time it has set standards by which others in the industry have been judged. In the last 10 years or so Heras has sold many thousands of Delta Gates, and is justly proud of the reputation for reliability and high performance that has been established. Heras policy of continuous improvement has helped keep it ahead of its competitors and retain its European market leadership position. Portcullis is proud to supply to the Australian market.


The Delta Gate, unlike many gates in this field, does not require great effort to set it in motion and is therefore easily operated by all potential users. The gate is designed in such a way that the running wheels cannot be blocked by dirt, leaves or snow. In combination with the patented cantilever construction, the wheels provide enormous stability and operational reliability. Delta gates are designed to be user friendly and virtually maintenance free.


The Delta gate has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as eminently functional, and to create a stylish entrance that will enhance any corporate image. As well as the basic model with aluminium girder and galvanised bars, the Delta Gate is also available in coated finishes. There is a choice of five standard colours: White, Black, Grey and two shades of Green.


The Delta entrance not only looks good, it is also extremely secure. The unique cantilever construction in the girder does away with the need for diagonal struts. This means that there is no foothold by which to climb over the gate. All the nuts and bolts are countersunk which rules out sabotage. The running wheels are shielded and positioned on the inside of the fencing. The security lock is tamper-proof. A sharp serrated top (Heracles version) or bevelled vertical bars (Atlas and Olympus versions) are standard from a height of 1.5mtr upwards.


The unique construction and low weight of the gate mean that only minimal anchoring is required, giving great flexibility with regard to positioning. The modular concept of the gate, with separate girder, bars and guide posts, makes it quick and economical to repair in the event of damage. Delta Gates, unlike tracked gates, involve little or no disruption of trade through restricted access during installation.


The Delta Gate offers you the convenience of remote control, from the gatehouse or central surveillance desk for example. You can choose this option now or later, since the gate adaptable for electric power as standard. The Delta Gate can be supplied with a wide assortment of security and automatic functions, such as safety cut-off mechanisms, cameras, flashlights and barriers. The applied components, control and power systems can be combined with other functions for security, registration, authorisation and suchlike.


The Delta Gate is available in three different versions: the Heracles pictured on the front, and the Atlas and Olympus above. Each style will integrate perfectly with the Heras railing system of the same name (see railings section). Delta Gates look equally distinguished within a chain link, palisade or welded mesh fenceline.